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We have the right model for your application. Analog, Digital, MSO, DPO or MDO. 1 - 2 - 4 channel.
X1 - X10 switchable, X100, Differential, High Voltage and Current probes.
PC interface and net connectivity.
Scientech 800
15 MHz Compact Oscilloscope
Scientech 801
30 MHz Oscilloscope with Color LCD Digital Readout
MSO/DS1000Z Series
Digital Oscilloscope
Scientech 801C
30 MHz Oscilloscope with Color LCD Digital Readout & Component Tester
Scientech 801E
30 MHz Digital Readout Oscilloscope with high sensitivity
Scientech 803
30 MHz 2 Channel 4 Trace Digital Readout Oscilloscope
Scientech 806
60 MHz Oscilloscope with Digital Readout Oscilloscope
Scientech 820
30 MHz Oscilloscope with Function Generator and Power Supply
Scientech 824A
30 MHz Oscilloscope/PowerScope with Ramp & Pedestal Firing Circuit
Scientech 826
Scientech 827
Electronic WorkStation
Scientech 829
Scientech 851
Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
Scientech 852
Integrated specially for RF Laboratory in Education
Scientech 401
50MHz Economy Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Scientech 402
70MHz WideScreen Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Scientech 403
100MHz WideScreen Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Scientech 700 Series
Compact Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
DS1000A Series
Digital Oscilloscope
DS1000B Series
Digital Oscilloscope
100 MHz, 2 Channel Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
DS4000 series
Digital Oscilloscope
DS6000 Series
Digital Oscilloscope
DS1000E, DS1000D Series
Digital Oscilloscopes